This section is created to keep simple and obvious manuals that are used very seldom and one forgets them very fast. And then one needs a lot of time to find them at the right time.

Mini How-to about building of programs from source
Autotools and building of a simple project
Autotools and building of a library
Autotools and building of a module (driver) of linux kernel
Mini How-to about openWrt
Configuration of a wifi client in openWrt
Configuration of alias in openWrt
About Xmail in openWrt, email sending from the console in openWrt
Setting up an Internet using usb-modem
About redundant internet connection
About qmi in openWrt
About telnet, ssh, clish, klish in openWrt
About creating of the VDI image for VirtualBox
About VPN server in openwrt, about VPN client in openwrt
Creating gre-tunnels in openwrt
Mini How-to about linux core
tftp-server configuration (xinetd)
ftp-server configuration (xinetd)
telnet-server configuration (xinetd)
Nfs-server configuration
Vpn-server configuration in Ubuntu
Packages forwarding between network interfaces
About extracting content from the file uInitrd
About udev
Mini How-to about Linux in embedded systems
About working with gpio in linux
About machine ID while kernel boot process
About Xorg building from sources
About sata support in the kernel
About network driver in linux
About NIC Ring Buffers
About ubuntu running for arm, powerpc. about systemd
About debian running for arm, powerpc, ect.
About gentoo running for arm, powerpc, ect.
About workqueue
About tasklets
About LED support in linux
About USB Device(gadget) support in linux
About pcie in linux
About virtualization on the base of kvm in linux
Mini How-to about u-boot
About phy initialization sequence in u-boot
About kernel boot process variants and root file system from u-boot
Mini How-to about Ecos
About Ecos
About Redboot
Mini How-to about Eclipse
About Eclipse
Mini How-to about debug
About jtag-debugger
About gdb
Mini How-to about Git
About Git
About git-server configuration on the base of gitolite
Mini How-to about Wireshark
About Wireshark for linux
Mini How-to about Minicom
About Minicom for linux
Mini How-to about Yocto
About Yocto
Mini How-to about MinnowBoard MAX
About MinnowBoard MAX, Uefi, qemu, yocto, buildroot
About parted, GPT, Efi Partition