About Ecos building

For ecos building the following packages are to be installed:


Without these packages the following errors will appear during building:

configure: error: unable to locate Tk config file tkConfig.sh


error: unable to locate Tcl configuration file tclConfig.sh

Установка Ecos.

Let's assume that there is a directory ecos-3.0 which was get from the archive "ecos-3.0.i386linux.tar.bz2".

а) Let's create the directory build in ecos-3.0 and go into it.

б) Let's run the following:

./../configure --prefix=$WORKING_DIR/ecosInstall --with-tcl-version=8.5


--prefix is a path where ecos is to be installed after command running make install.

--with-tcl-version - is the version number.

в) Let's run the following:

sudo make install

Ecos is installed. Now we can start with the building of applications.


About Redboot building

Here is an example of redboot building for the targets named malta_mips32_4kc (MIPS Malta board with Mips32 4Kc processor).

The list of the доступных целей for building one can find in ecos-3.0/packages/hal/
or one can run the following command:

export ECOS_REPOSITORY=PATH_TO_ecos-3.0/ecos-3.0/packages
PATH_TO_ecosInstall/ecosInstall/bin/ecosconfig list

There is a graphic version of ecosconfig - Configuration Tool from the file named "configtool-2.11-i386.tar.gz"

Redboot building

#) Let's create the directory redboot

mkdir redboot

#) Let's set the path to the file ecos.db and the path to the cross compiler:

export ECOS_REPOSITORY=PATH_TO_ecos-3.0/ecos-3.0/packages
export PATH=$PATH:PATH_TO_gnutools/gnutools_4.3.2/mipsisa32-elf/bin

#) Let's create a file with the building configuration for this target:

PATH_TO_ecosInstall/ecosInstall/bin/ecosconfig new malta_mips32_4kc redboot

#) Let's import the configuration redboot for this platform:

PATH_TO_ecosInstall/ecosInstall/bin/ecosconfig import PATH_TO_ecos-3.0/ecos-3.0/packages/hal/mips/malta/v3_0/misc/redboot_RAM.ecm

#) Let's resolve the problems:

PATH_TO_ecosInstall/ecosInstall/bin/ecosInstall/bin/ecosconfig resolve

#) Let's create a project tree:

PATH_TO_ecosInstall/ecosInstall/binecosInstall/bin/ecosconfig tree

#) Let's build:


After running of the last operation the redboot image for the firm ware will be in redboot/install/bin